About Putman

Putman Baptist Church

Thanks for visiting our web site here at Putman Baptist Church. We are a rual church nestled in the northwestern part of Union County of South Carolina, located on SC Route 215. Our church began in 1800 as Union County Meeting House and in about the year 1844 the name was changed to Putman Baptist Church, named after the founder of the church, the Rev. John Putman.

Like any local assembly that has stood for so many years, Putman has seen good days and we have weathered some storms, but through it all we can testify that God has proved His faithfulness. He will do the same in your life if you give Him the opportunity.

The times of our services are listed here on our site, the various types of ministry, and our contact information. If you do not have a church home and are seeking one, we ask that you consider attending one or all of our services. We cannot compete with the larger churches, but that is not our intention, we want to minister to your heart's needs, one at a time.

Thanks for visiting our site, looking forward to seeing you here at Putman soon, and may God bless you.